The Show

Live You Play. Password: live tests!

A unique format at world level, that enabling pros to discover the secrets and strong points of all the equipment on and off stage. The backstage is a show in itself: the actual stage and trussing are on show. All the audio, video and lighting technology is on demo and there to be tested, switched on and operating.

Top experts and product specialists are at the disposal of all visitors on the Live You Play stages and the expo stands.

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Live You Play 2022

For the 2022 edition, Live You Play will present a special automated stage, designed to highlight in detail all the equipment on stage, as well as backstage. 
Thanks to a band performing live, you’ll be able to appreciate the audio systems at their best indoors.

Live You Play will also dedicate a hall to the BROADCAST world, with a focus on live television events and one on the Virtual sector: AMG World.


Two important new features

The new multidimensional approach to audio that goes beyond stereo and surround sound arrives at MiR Tech in a “soundstage” area hosting a demo room in which to experience immersive sound.

To highlight and give even more importance to live music events, this year MiR Tech features a special architectural space in which to listen to and assess a vast range of vertical array loudspeaker enclosures and column speaker systems by top brands.

Come and discover AMG World

An entire hall dedicated to the world of live and television events, where you will be able to explore the entertainment world, from behind the scenes to the very latest broadcast technology.

AMG World is the hall projected by AMG, a company specialized in audiovisual and scenographic production from both a technological and creative design point of view.
By means of an immersive layout, you’ll be able to experience first-hand the evolution of the technical scenographic materials and solutions through the years.

AMG turns the spotlight not only on shows, but also on everything behind them.

What’s behind a show? How many professionals are behind a stage? How much and  what material is used? AMG will take you behind the scenes on two stages, in a TV studio and at a LIVE event: a unique opportunity to see the TV and LIVE event world from another point of view.