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· MIR (7-9 April) will include MIR TECH, the audio-video multimedia technologies corner-stone event of AVC Systems Integration
· Among the key features, sessions on the ´Meeting Rooms of the Future´ and the con-vention ´DESIGN THE FUTURE´, as well as the Matrix Project and the Audio Video Con-trol Forum
· Thanks to the support of SIEC, MIR Tech evolves beyond the traditional trade show, transforming into a dynamic space of exchange and Learning

Rimini, 25 March 2024 . In the era of innovation and digitalisation, within the framework of MIR . Live Enter-tainment Expo, organized by Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), which will be held from 7 to 9 April at the Rimini Expo Centre - MIR Tech, the audio-video and multimedia technologies show, emerges as the prime event for aficionados and professionals in the audio video and multimedia technologies sector.
MIR Tech is the oasis of AVC Systems Integration which offers an exclusive showcase on the new directions that characterize the world of work, educational, the design of spaces, as well as the latest innovations in terms of interactive and immersive solutions. Going beyond the concept of a mere traditional trade show, it has evolved into a dynamic space of exchange and direct comparison between those providing and those us-ing technologies, presenting not only the innovations and premier solutions of leading brands, but also offer-ing instrumental opportunities for learning, and practical experimentation via seminars, training activities and experiential itineraries, to explore together the latest trends in systems integration.


In the busy MIR Tech calendar, one of the most anticipated and debated sessions is scheduled for Monday morning, April 8. Over two hours of engaging discussion, speakers will address a topic that captures the in-terest of professionals and academics in the industry: the ´Meeting Rooms of the Future´. With the advent of new technologies and changing work dynamics, group collaboration has changed, and meeting rooms are taking on an increasingly central role in the working environment. But what does the future hold for these vi-tal spaces? Starting from the analysis of the trends detected by the Smart Working Observatory of Milan Poly-technic, the speakers will take a deep dive into the characteristics and technologies destined to shape the meeting rooms of tomorrow which are increasingly intent on keeping people at the core. Digital transfor-mation and artificial intelligence emerge as key themes, revolutionizing the approach to the design and use of such environments to create engaging and immersive experiences.
Planning the future of work by focusing on three fundamental pillars such as innovation, sustainability and well-being will be the main theme of the conference taking place on Tuesday 9 April in collaboration with In-foprogetto. Entitled ´DESIGN THE FUTURE - Designing an office, incorporating sustainability, technologies and well-being´, this event promises a wealth of ideas and reflections on the future of the working environ-ment. Divided into two parts, the programme offers a broad overview of the integrated and immersive design of the office of the future. In the first session, the discussion will focus on topics such as integrated design, the Digital Twin, BIM and artificial intelligence thanks to the contribution from experts such as Claudio Maz-zucchelli, CM Multimedia Entertainment Engineering and Fabrizio Ferraris of Harpaceas. It will also be an op-portunity to witness the input of the Smart Working Observatory of Milan Polytechnic, which will analyse the trends of smart working and its implications on the reorganization of spaces and the well-being of workers. In the second part of the conference, architect Enrico Frigerio will share some success stories that highlight a new integration between industrial architecture, natural landscape, process sustainability and worker well-being. He will be followed by architect Massimiliano Mandarini of Green Building Council Italia, who will illus-trate a ´human-centric´ approach to design, preserving biodiversity and re-establishing the man-environment bond. Additional contributions from Beniamino Bedusa, President of Great Place to Work Italia, providing an analysis of the distinctive elements of a quality work environment, with particular attention to Human Re-sources issues. Lastly, Deloitte´s ´going Hybrid´ as a driver for the design of new offices - Rosario Fondacaro, Deloitte Central Mediterranean - Head of Information Technology, will highlight the importance of flexible workspaces that integrate innovation, creativity and sustainability.

In an era in which technological innovation defines the contours of academic life, the Matrix Project presents itself as a unique opportunity for collaboration and exchange between university institutions. This meeting, which will take place in the late morning of Monday 8 April, will not only be an opportunity to share practices and technical solutions, but represents an authentic forum for sharing ideas and experiences in the vast pano-rama of audio-video systems and ICT in the university environment. The main goal of the Matrix Project is to promote open and constructive dialogue between the technical-administrative staff of the universities in-volved, providing them with the necessary tools to face the challenges and exploit the opportunities offered by the implementation of multimedia infrastructure. The classroom, laboratory, conference and meeting rooms, right up to digital signage solutions: each and every university environment will be at the centre of the discussion, while industry experts will share their best practices and strategies.

The event brings together producers, distributors, installers and all media active in the world of Systems Inte-gration and Professional Audio Video and aims at placing a spotlight on the prospects and emerging trends in the ProAV market. This year, the Forum, which represents the institutional event of the SIEC Association, will host Maria Grazia Mattei, journalist, art critic, founder and President of the MEET Digital Culture Center, whose vast experience will act as a guide on the new trends that are shaping the landscape of modern com-munication, from immersion to digital communication, up to creativity. The conference will take place in the early afternoon of Monday 8 April.

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