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· The event scheduled at Rimini Expo Centre from 7-9 April reestablishes itself as the ideal platform for exploring latest trends and technologies on the lighting scene
· Live shows, fashion and theatre take centre stage in the training programme
· Learning opportunities and professional refreshing via masterclasses, round tables and case studies, such as the show history of the Italian band, POOH, presented by renowned Italian and international professionals and designers.

Rimini, 25 March 2024 . Audio, video, lighting, control solutions and services for corporate, education, retail, museums, hospitality, live events and the world of System Integration. And much more. MIR - Live Entertainment Expo, the event organized by Italian Exhibition Group running from 7-9 April at Rimini Expo Centre, will offer industry professionals a complete overview and exclusive insight into the latest trends and technology, including lighting design with the ´LD@WORK´ masterclasses and exclusive events in the Tech Arena area.

Special features in this 7th edition, concentrated on Monday 8 April, will focus on world of live events, fashion and theatrical performances. The Live concept, according to Jo Campana, is perfectly summarized in a pro-ject with immediate aesthetic impact and at the same time agile and versatile in the masterclass ´Ligabue ´Dedicato a Noi Indoor Tour 2023´ Less Video? It could work. Through the experience of Campana, one of the greatest experts of Light & Concept Design, the session will offer insights into the challenges and solutions adopted in conceiving and creating a scenic and lighting design that at the same time speaks for the scene, from the birth of the initial idea to its final realization. In addition, known for his ability to bring a unique and emphatic perspective to every project, Jordan Babev, one of the most esteemed lighting designers of all time, also bursts onto the live scene with his session entitled ´The bridge between creativity and technology´ un-derlining how, in an era in which technology offers unprecedented possibilities, lighting design software can be among the most precious allies for creative talents, transforming ideas into visual spectacles without los-ing the artistic essence. The talk will aim at identifying strategies to best use these resources without falling into the trap of standardization.

Fashion, on the other hand, becomes decidedly more ´Enlightened´ thanks to the contribution of Giovanni Pinna, recognized the world over not only for being the lighting designer for the big names in music, but also for his vast experience in fashion shows. In a journey lasting a quarter of a century among the lights of Milan Fashion Week, in the masterclass ´Fashion Show - Lighting design for Fashion´, he will narrate the evolution of this specific sector of design in an industry in which tradition and innovation constantly blend to create unique and evocative atmospheres, demonstrating how light is capable of completely transforming the per-ception of a space or an item of clothing.

The programme is enriched with the theme of a spectacular link between theatre and light. The theatre offers a vast field of action for lighting technology, as Marco Filibeck and Valerio Tiberi will demonstrate. ´Shining light´ is the title of the event proposed by Filibeck, a well-known set designer appointed as Resident Lighting Designer at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. In this session he will share his experience of various theatrical productions, underlining how lighting design can adapt and enhance operas, ballets and prose. Of equal importance, the contribution of Tiberi who has significant skills to his credit that range from opera, drama and dance to collaboration on countless musicals produced both in Italy and abroad. In his masterclass, ´The contamination of the language of light in various theatrical genres: musicals, ballet, opera´, he will show how experience and innovation can challenge and overcome conventions to enrich the language of light in theatre.

The special events and talks don´t end here. On Sunday 7 April, the Tech Arena in pavilion A1 will come alive with two events of great interest and depth.
In the late morning, the round table on ´Tradition and Innovation in Lighting Design´ will take place. Moder-ated by Giancarlo Messina of Show Gear Network, it will include the participation of leading figures in the in-dustry such as Francesco De Cave, Jo Campana and Mamo Pozzoli, engaged in discussing and comparing the evolution of lighting design in the digital age, exploring how new technologies influence and integrate with traditional methods.
In the afternoon, the much-anticipated Show History: ´POOH . Amici per Sempre . Live 2023´. Last year was a memorable time for the band, with two magnificent concerts in San Siro stadium and at the Olimpico in Rome as well as on 20 other stages throughout Italy, a huge success that will continue in 2024. Through the stories of professionals, the likes of Sebastiano Piccione, Francesco De Cave and Renato Cantel, and the par-ticipation of representatives of Friends & Partners, the public can discover the secrets behind the magic of a live show like this.

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